Triangle Case Management Society

CMSA is a non-profit, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, intercultural society of case managers and allied professionals. CMSA offers members a voice in the future, through opportunities for professional growth and exchange of information. CMSA has more than 7,600 members and 100 affiliated and pending chapters.

Mission Statement

Advancing Case Management…To promote the growth & value of case management, and to support the evolving needs of the case management professional.

Vision Statement

CMSA will be the premier association for case management and case management professionals.

Definition of Case Management

Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.

Philosophy of Case Management

Case management is not a profession in itself, but an area of practice within one’s profession. Its underlying premise is that when an individual reaches the optimum level of wellness and functional capability, everyone benefits: the individuals being served, their support systems, the health care delivery systems and the various reimbursement sources.

Case management serves as a means for achieving client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources and service facilitation. The case manager helps identify appropriate providers and facilities throughout the continuum of services, while ensuring that available resources are being used in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to obtain optimum value for both the client and the reimbursement source. Case management services are best offered in a climate that allows direct communication between the case manager, the client, and appropriate service personnel, in order to optimize the outcome for all concerned.

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Upcoming Conference

Spring Online Conference: April 24 – May 5, 2023

Save the Date: IN-PERSON conference this Fall on Friday, October 13 at the North Raleigh Hilton!

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